Winter clothes always smell after washing? Pay attention to these points, clothes clean no smell!

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We all know, because the weather is cold, so the clothes are very thick, in addition to the clothes inside, outside of the jacket are basically only washed once a long time, it is possible that a week, half a month, a month, it is possible that the winter had finished washing again, because it is too difficult to dry, and sometimes very not easy to dry, but it's a very heavy clothes on bad taste, it's hard to get rid of, that this is how to return a responsibility? What's the solution? Don't worry, let's have a look!

Too much detergent

Actually clothes can smell is probably because you have made a few mistakes, first is probably because you put too much detergent when washing clothes is, so the dose is too big for detergent when cleaning, finally won't get a good cleaning, even already clean dry finish, clothes also will leave a detergent, even so the clothes to dry also will still have peculiar smell. If you can't grasp the dosage, you can look at the dosage on the washing instructions, especially clear, when the air drying found not clean, you can wash it again without detergent, the residual detergent on the clothes to be completely removed.

The rinse is not in place

Now some people in order to save time, so even washing machines wash his clothes, he will still be very worried, see the clothes have been rinsed again then I can't wait, then go to the washing machine, it directly after the dry air is basked in, do it while you can save some utilities, but clean out of the clothes is not clean enough, it is easy to appear peculiar smell, and if the skin is sensitive, will cause harm to the skin, next time washing clothes, cleaning is close friends certainly good oh.

In a timely manner to dry

Has so part of the people, they like to wash and dress is completed in the evening, just throw the clothes into the washing machine, and then go to bed, clothes after washing no matter, let it on the second day morning, when get up in the clothes to dry, but winter temperature was low, then indoor temperature is warm, not to mention the washing machine, washing after dry in there, not breathable, placed in an evening easily retting bacteria, and also should pay attention to when air is basked in separate clothes, don't get together tightly, otherwise air circulation, will never be so easy to produce peculiar smell.

The washing machine

There is also a very fundamental question is also the cause of clothes smell even sticky, that is the problem of washing machine, when you find the rest will be a problem, but clothing is still appear such problem, it is probably because your home washing machine is dirty, at this time you need for washing machine to clean.

The weather

Is always wet, dry winter weather, occasionally also the rain, so it is hard to dry clothes, always hang where, weather again and again is the cause of clothing produce peculiar smell is very important for one reason, we can look at the weather in air at ordinary times, if the rain today tomorrow the condition of high temperature and to compare the best don't dry, need air will have to find a particularly good ventilation.


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