Winter clothes dry also musty smell, these three measures to solve your "wet" trouble

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In winter, there are more and more rain and snow. Because winter clothes are relatively thick, they become more and more difficult to dry. Small make up today give you on three tricks!

1. Wring out and place in a ventilated place

Because heavy winter clothes than any other season, so have to twist dry after washing clothes, wring more dry, in addition to this, even the clothes to dry in ventilated place, ventilated effect is a good place, so that even if the sun don't can also be dried, of course, the bad weather or when there is rain and snow do not put in ventilated place!

2. Clothes dryer

When the weather is bad, the clothes can not be hung outside, and put in a ventilated place is likely to be wet, but put in the room is not easy to dry, but also very easy to have mildew smell and even mildew, so use a dryer!

3. Dehumidifier

Because the south itself is more misty rain, so it is always very wet, most families are also self-provided a dehumidifier, the dehumidifier in addition to dehumidification, you know it can also be used to dry clothes? Although the speed of the dryer is slower, but the effect of drying clothes is still ok, the family that has dehumidifier can also use dehumidifier to dry clothes oh!

You can't wear clothes that don't have sun drying because they can smell or grow mold.


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